Note: Components for Lite Touch systems will no longer be manufactured as of September 31st since the recent acquisition by Savant. You can still get these components and installation of Lite touch systems through DE Consulting Corp.

Setting the Standard for Lighting Companies

David Electrical Consulting Corp.

light bulb iconElectrical work requires extensive knowledge, training and experience. David Electrical Consulting Corp.  performs work that is guaranteed, certified, and completely up to code, remaining in compliance with strict federal, state and local codes in New York. Attention to detail and a diverse range of products set us apart from other lighting companies, as we are equipped to serve the needs of residential and commercial clientele. Our lighting company employs licensed professionals, Long Island electricians with over 25 years of industry experience in diagnosing and repairing electrical issues, guaranteeing that every customer is satisfied.  View our portfolio to discover our innovative approach to lighting solutions and learn more about our services.