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Providing Quality Electrical Work Across Long Island for Over 25 Years

70,000 Homes and 80,000 Businesses

Electrical problems can be dangerous, our Long Island electricians provide a professional assessment to determine necessary repairs. Your safety is our main concern.

We strive to be the most innovative of local lighting companies, providing customized solutions for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs.

We offer over 25 years of experience in electrical installation and repairs. For new electrical wiring, you’ve come to the right place!

Is your lighting system outdated? From simple retrofit solutions to full upgrades, we can help. Learn about the benefits of upgraded lighting solutions.

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Offering quality electrical installation services for over 25 years, David Electrical Consulting Corp. provides innovative and eco-friendly commercial and residential lighting solutions.

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Note: Components for Lite Touch systems will no longer be manufactured as of September 31st since the recent acquisition by Savant. You can still get these components and installation of Lite touch systems through DE Consulting Corp.